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ShapeShifter AE
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ShapeShifter AE is a very powerful 3D plugin for after effect

It lets you create 3-D animations very rapidly within after effects. It uses greyscale imagery within after effects to create 3D objectsFrom text enough facts to logos and images brought in from anywhere ShapeShifter AE will uses information to create amazing and technical looking animations that integrate fully into after effects. .

Extreme rendering speeds

ShapeShifter works with enough after effects and renders extremely fast getting project out on time. You can even use preset files and just swap out elements within a comp streamlining your workflow.

Mettle's ShapeShifter AE brings unprecedented organic true 3D effects to Adobe After Effects.

  • Combine Extrusions With 3D Displacement Mapping.
  • Create organic true 3D effects like never before in AE.
  • Leverage built-in After Effects text + animation presets.

ShapeShifter AE Features:

  • Generate and animate true 3D text in the AE comp window
  • Works on AE Shape Layers + Layer Masks
  • Easy 3D Deformations - Bend, Bulge & Twist
  • Built in particle system (the Generator)
  • Use 3D displacement maps + filters that ship with AE for spectacular result.
  • Render depth maps for use with lens blurs + products like Trapcode Particular etc.
  • Reflection mapping - Spherical and Cubic
  • Shadow casting
  • High-speed rendering

Examples - what can you do!

Tutorials - how to use it

Create The Amazing Spider-Man Title Sequence Entirely In After Effects

Nancy on Feb 23rd 2012

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  • System Requirement -You Must Have
    • Mac - NVIDIA Cards only. We have seen some issues with Quadro 4000 cards on some systems on the Mac.
    • WIN

      Works on both ATI + NVIDIA cards that support openGL 2.1 + higher + 1 GB of VRAM minimum. Mac or WIN - We highly recommend GPU’s with 1GB of VRAM or higher.

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